Finally got to fish again!


  • Between visits with members of my medical team (most of which have been virtual, video deals, that I maybe could have done from the boat), other commitments and just plain crummy weather, I have not had an opportunity to get on the water for the better part of two weeks. Finally made it down to the Housatonic River this morning.

Caught 15 stripers. No slot fish, but all decent fish — 24 inches to a hair over 26 inches. All on an unweighted, 7″ Fin-S Fish, twitched on or in a couple instances, just under, the surface. All before 8 am, from the area I started in. Also had a half dozen fish roll on the bait but not make contact. A couple were definite turnaways close to the boat. But I think a few were just poor aim with the bait drifting in the stiff current.

Of course not having been out in a week and a half, I had a lot of spots I “needed” to try. I figured to get everything I wanted to check done while the tide was still going out, I had to leave my starting area by eight. I held out a few extra minutes, but was on plane, heading down river by 8:10. Marked a lot of fish in a couple of areas that I hadn’t planned on fishing, so I stopped and fished those as well.

Three-and-a-half hours later, I’d exhausted my list of spots that “needed” checking, plus spent too much time fishing for fish that I could see on the electronics, but that exhibited not an iota of interest in trying to eat whatever I was throwing. Yeah, I should never have left the area I started in, up north. All I had to show for my efforts after 8 am was a couple gallons less fuel in my tank.

Wait. What’s that my subconscious is rambling on about? Something about “biting fish” and looking for other fish? Oh, yeah. Now I remember. Rule 7b in RichZ’s handbook of fishing axioms. “Never leave fish to find fish, and especially never leave biting fish.” Yeah. A little late to remember that now.

Oh well.

Next time.

Surgery on the horizon. Will try to get out a couple times before then.