Maybe not all the way back on my game…


…but getting close!

Going on the success I found early last week just out into Long Island Sound outside the mouth of the Housatonic, I hit the same area again, on close to the same tide. But instead of hitting it in the afternoon/evening, I tried to take advantage of the incoming following a sunrise low.

I guess I timed things wrong, because by the time I got launched and through the no wake zone to get out to the mouth, the sun had been up for nearly an hour, and I’d already missed an hour of the incoming. Not encouraging, since I was here with topwater on my mind, there was nary a cloud to be seen in the sky.

Hooked up with my best of the day.

On my first pass down the wall, it seemed like none of that mattered. Started with the 7.5″ Slug-Go that was still rigged on my heavy rod from Tuesday’s outing. Caught a good one on it right away, but the bait was nearly broken in half when I landed it. Couldn’t find the 7.5 Slug-Go bag, so I switched to a 7″ Fin-S Fish.

Caught 8 on that before my only bluefish bite of the day left me with half a lure. Replaced it and caught a couple more before reaching the north end of the wall. Turned around and fished my way back up the wall. All of a sudden, they were having nothing to do with my topwater. Switched to a small, very shallow diving jerkbait and managed to catch 3 little fish out of a half-dozen bites. As the sun got higher, the bite slowed to a crawl.

Made a run to Charles Island, and caught a few on that same little jerkbait. Again, all small. I couldn’t convince myself the bite was going to turn back on. Hit the wall again on the way back in, and I think I caught another midget. But just idling along the wall, the fish I’d been marking on the Element earlier, were nowhere to be found. Looked at a lot of potential spots in the river as I worked my way back to the ramp. Saw some bait, and even some bunker. But nothing making any of the bait nervous. I was back on the trailer before 11.

That first pass down the breakwall was almost magical, but after that the conditions got the best of me. I can’t help but believe I would have caught a bunch more, including a really good one or two, if I’d gotten out there by dawn, like I had been planning to.